Scope and Organization of the Collection

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Access Democracy is organized by Region/Country and by Topic/Subject. The dropdown boxes on both the basic and advanced search pages indicate the geographic and topical range of the available choices. The main topic areas are: Governance, Elections, Political Parties, Civil Military Relations, Citizen Participation, Womens's Participation, and Special Materials (a place for the collection of materials pertinent to special projects). Most of the topics are subdivided further into narrower issues and can be searched at either level (primary topic, or specific subject). The collection presents these topics through a variety of vehicles: domestic and international election monitoring statements, manuals on party building, focus groups reports about civic organizing, analysis of constitutional reform options, and links to web sites of international and local organizations that provide even more specific country or subject information.

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The Internet makes possible this shared global dialogue unimagined even a decade ago.

Access Democracy:
Presents selected web sites and resource materials developed by the Institute, and its in-country political and civic partners; and
Provides a place for democracy activists in every region of the world to identify resources, share lessons and communicate best practices for promoting peaceful political change.

Initial funding for the development of Access Democracy was provided by a grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

A resource created by NDI to encourage an exchange of information and experiences among democratic activists and practitioners around the world.

Since 1983, NDI has forged strong ties with political, civic and governmental leaders and organizations in more than 100 countries. The Institute also has produced training materials, reports and statements, as well as assisted local democratic forces with developing customized materials to advance democratic values, practices and institutions in their own countries. Access Democracy is designed to provide access to the best of this information, and facilitate contacts and discourse among democratic advocates.